Poster of the Week: Method Halloween

This week's decision was a tough one. The flyer for the Method Halloween show at Club Dada prevailed, but it was practically a toss-up between it, the Day of the Dead-on-peyote poster for the Alejandro Escovedo/Los Boring Boys show at House of Blues Oct. 31, and yet another great candidate from Parade of Flesh--its flyer coming for Sole and the Skyrider Band with Anonymous Nov. 1 at The Lounge. You can scroll down on the Parade site to see the Sole poster, but I can't find the Escovedo poster online anymore. Anyone who knows where to find it is certainly welcome to post a link in the comments or e-mail me.

Ultimately, though, the psychedelic coloring and creative use of Nosferatu won me over to the Method poster. As Observer Art Director Alex Flores pointed out, the sickly colors add to the creepiness of the original movie vampire, who's almost always depicted in his original black in white.

This makes the second Poster of the Week honor for Method Entertainment graphic artist Dave Perry, whose Method Mayhem Barbecue poster was recognized for the second week of September. --Jesse Hughey

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