Poster Of The Week: PVC Street Gang, TV Torso, New Fumes, Cocky Americans at Project House, Friday November 20

Over the last decade or so, a prominent trend in gig poster design has been the retro-modern, minimalist approach, as seen attached to a lot of indie-rock and post-alternative groups. Classified by modernist tendencies and a focus on basic forms versus details, I'll admit, as much as I love that style, the trend was getting a bit threadbare.

But then you have examples like this week's above selection, which takes influence from a popular trend (if not the original style itself) and takes it in a direction that feels fresh and sincere. Designed by Gavin Mulloy (check out more of his impressive poster work at, this fine display of design is one of those that raises the bar for local gig posters.

First off, the neutral gray monotone cast of the piece demands attention when viewed against other posters. Secondly, the calmness of the carefully worn pair of "All-Stars" bearing the hand-scrawled names of the bands sits comfortably and almost defiant of its flawless surroundings. You've got to love that quiet subversive juxtaposition.

The "All-Star" logotype tab anchored up top provides just enough visual balance for the Project House's clever homage to Chuck Taylor and show details below. This poster is tops; any band should be proud to be a part of this piece. Truly All-Star material.

Lastly, a reminder: Keep sending your poster submissions to [email protected]! Please don't forget to include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit, and please try to send it in at least a week in advance. (And if you are so inclined to send in actual printed pieces, here's our address; you know who to send them to.) See you next week!

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Alexander Flores
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