Poster Of The Week: RTB2, Fox and the Bird & Jacob Metcalf at the Kessler Theatre on Saturday, May 1

Hey gang. It's been a busy last couple weeks in the art department--thanks to editor Freedman for jumping in last week in my stead. Now I'm happy to return this week with quite the specimen for our weekly selection.

Brought to us by the multi-talented Andrew Shepherd (for whom you know by his fantastic photo contributions as well as a previous POTW selection), this piece makes me feel confident that this show line-up is a sound formula that is sure to deliver satisfying results, wouldn't you say?

I just can't get enough of the resurgence of the clean and precise aesthetic. Perhaps is the huge nerd in me that gravitates to things like schematics, info-graphics, and the design of communication in other similar executions. When it comes to the design of and presentation of raw data and the relationships between them, strong typography will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

In this poster, each unique ingredient gets its own unique representation via deliberate font choices, yet all are handled equally and with care. Every part of this total composition is considered for how it relates with everything else, and is balanced splendidly. For something that looks so effortless, like this poster, there's actually a lot of info being handled here. What could have been an otherwise cumbersome load is now nearly lighter than air by the use of typographic alchemy and a mastery of balance in form.

Like a page out of an old vintage chemistry book or a wall chart describing the bonding of molecules or perhaps something of a celestial scale, I can learn a lot from this poster, and I definitely get the impression that what's being touted here is of the greatest, if not simplest, importance. Always a favorable reaction when you combine the right elements in the proper way, like in this week's grade-A poster.

Keep sending in your submissions a week in advance of the show date and let us know a little about it while you at it- as always, send them on here. Until next week!

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