Poster Of The Week: The Coathangers with Giggle Party & Leg Sweeper Tonight at The Cavern

Feast your eyes, flesh and teeth on this week's gig poster selection. Submitted by John Iskander over at Parade of Flesh, this poster was beautifully created by Sam Heimer of Philadelphia (where it's always sunny, or so I've heard, contrary to the look of his posters).

After the jump, my reasoning.

No matter your weather preference, this is a wonderfully illustrated poster, through and through.

The greatness is truly in the details here, too. Not only is there an obvious great deal of time and effort that went into this week's piece, from a design perspective, it's actually handled pretty damn well. Completely illustrated posters have the potential of becoming overwhelming, the product of free-forms and possible lack of structure within the composition. In this instance, the artist has given clear thought to element placement, the typography (I love that illustrated type for the headliner) as well as the color choices for each bit of info.

This is one of those true "works of art" gig posters that deserves to framed and hung for appreciation well beyond the show date.

Keep sending in your submissions a week in advance, and please let us know who the artist/designer is behind the piece.

Until next week, keep those jaws on tight.

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Alexander Flores
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