Poster Of The Week: The Me-Thinks, Bastardos De Sancho, Stag Film

This week's Poster of the Week, or POW as the kids aren't calling it, is for Friday's Double-Wide show featuring the grimy sleaze-rock of Stag Film, the gritty garage rock of Bastardos De Sancho and straight-forward rawk from Fort Worth's Shittiest Band.

Once again, not a unanimous choice. Calendar editor Noah Bailey looked skeptical when I showed him.

"What?" I said, defensive. "It's a gorilla wearing a wrestling mask. It's funny."

"Are you going to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop? That would be right up your alley," he retorted. Because clearly, with his subtle and nuanced sense of humor, he's above that.

According to Ray Liberio of The Me-Thinks, one of the guys from Stag Film designed it. I'll update when I find out the artist.

Update: Frances Yllana, girlfriend of Stag Film's James Spargo, designed the poster. Small world -- she and I were on the newspaper staff together at Lake Highlands High School, went to UNT at the same time and now live in the same neighborhood.

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Jesse Hughey
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