Poster Of The Week: Unwed Sailor, Native Lights, and This Old House At Dan's Silver Leaf, Sunday Novemeber 29

If any of you out there are awake and recovering from tryptophan-fueled post-pig-out regrets or the early-morning Black Friday brouhaha, take a look at this week's serene selection. Brought to you by Kennon Talley of This Old House (and Western Giants), this poster might be the very necessary calm after the storm. By taking a look at the other posters Talley has designed, calming yet resolute visuals reveal themselves to be the running theme of the designer.

This week's poster presents itself within those placid properties, without the platitude. With a nice light blue monochromatic palette and crisp typography, all the important information resides the forefront against a clean, crafty abstraction. For a design with so many sharp lines, angles, and patterns, it's still somehow quiet, making this poster interestingly unusual.

And as usual, continue sending your poster submissions to Include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit at least a week in advance. (And remember, we love printed pieces too, which can be sent here.)

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