Poster Of The Week: Well, Not Really. But A Pretty Cool Announcement, We Think!

No winner this week. Sorry, folks.

I just got word from POTW Captain and Observer art director Alex Flores that this week's submissions were rather... um, how can I put this lightly... meager.

So, instead of simply picking a poster for the sake of announcing a winner, we're gonna simply gonna pull back and not pick a winner at all. Consider it a request for area graphic designers to step their game up. Or maybe just a reminder to send in whatever you've got to this email address, where we aggregate all the submissions before selecting each week's winner.

Don't take this the wrong way, though. We're more than thrilled with the submissions we usually receive.

So, on that note, we've got a pretty cool announcement coming up to pass along: A pretty big touring act coming through the region has reached out to us and asked that we hold a competition where area rock poster designers design the poster for their upcoming Dallas stop. The winner will get the chance to meet the band, have their design signed by the band and all sorts of good stuff like that. We're still hammering out the details on that front, though; once confirmed, we'll no doubt pass along any and all pertinent details on that front.

Till then, keep the submissions coming. And, between you and me, early birds tend to catch the worms in this little deal...

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Pete Freedman
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