Punk Act Warcola To Split Single With Austin's Spitting Bullets

Warcola gets up close and personal (John Moore)

Local hardcore punk band Warcola has recorded three new tracks which will appear on a split single with Austin’s Spitting Bullets to be released next month.

“Going Turbo,” “Rich Elite” and “Censorship” are the tracks making the record, and all three are furious, snarling declarations of aggression. Says singer Matt Renicks: “Our music is loud, fast and abrasive, with lyrics pertaining to conspiracy theories, politics and alcohol.”

Sporting an unusual line up that features two vocalist (Ryan Olp being the second screamer), Warcola has been on the Dallas scene since 2006, bringing havoc to several Deep Ellum night spots.

“Most people say it’s a pretty chaotic show,” says Renicks. “We’ve been known to swing from the rafters.”

Warcola worships at the alter of such classic American hardcore acts as Minor Threat, Black Flag and The Misfits, throwing melody and restraint out the window. The band is about to head out on a mini-tour, hitting Austin, New Orleans and Baton Rouge before coming back to headline a show at The Red Blood Club on July 6, playing with Casualties, Time Again, The Scandals and Excess Enemy.

Bring pain reliever in abundance. --Darryl Smyers

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