R. Stevie Moore, The Godfather of Home Recording, To Play Denton On First-Ever Tour

Chances are, you probably haven't heard of

R. Stevie Moore

. And, yes, that's something of a disgrace. Since 1968, the dude has recorded over 400 albums worth of material, all in his bedroom, most on cassette and CD-R. For the most part, it's great, lo-fi stuff, running the gamut from pop-punk to even spoken word.

But, see, here's the thing about Moore: 40-plus years into his career, the 59-year-old, a major influence on the lo-fi bedroom recording scene so prevalent today, has never embarked on a full-fledged tour. Not until now, that is: At the end of the month, on Thursday, June 30, Moore will be playing a gig at Hailey's Club in Denton, backed by a Brooklyn Band called Tropical Ooze, which features former Dentonite J.R. Thomason of the defunct Silver Arrows (local connection, boom!). 

Effusively praised by everyone from The New Yorker and Billboard to Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, the guy, often referred to as "The Godfather of Home Recording," can make a legit case for being the greatest artist you've never heard about. And yet he's an icon to the likes of Mike Watt, Ariel Pink and others, including former Dentonite Corn Mo, who interviewed R. Stevie Moore for our own Cory Graves' Subservient Experiment blog back in January 2010. Read that interview here, grab some free Moore songs here, and check out a trailer for the upcoming documentary on Moore, called Phonography: The R. Stevie Moore Story, after the jump.

Oh, and go to this show.

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