Record Hop, Matthew And The Arrogant Sea, Florene, Kody Jackson

Though they sound nothing alike, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and the electronic duo Florene probably have the most in common on this bill, a completely and delightfully eclectic hodgepodge even by Denton booking standards.

Live improvisation plays heavily into both bands' performances, so on a given night you never know exactly what you're going to get from them. But where MATAS might stretch out one of the band's gentle, dreamy folk-pop songs into a 10-minute jam, Florene's Gavin Guthrie and Aaron Mollet are more likely to loop screams or the sound of a microphone hitting the floor into hypnotic ambient noise. Seeing the two together is reason enough for the trip north on Interstate 35E, but add in '90s noise-rock lovers (and, probably as a consequence, Steve Albini favorites) Record Hop and Spitfire Tumbleweeds guitarist Kody R. Jackson and you've got a bill that showcases just how diverse Denton's music scene is.

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