Red Animal War Confirms New Material On The Way. But, First, Expect Saboteur To Release Its Own Long-Awaited Full-Length.

Well, this might not be as big as the news that Prince is coming to town for Super Bowl XLV, but, for some people, it sure will be: After alluding to as much on stage at his band's New Year's Eve performance at the Curtain Club, Red Animal War frontman Justin Wilson has confirmed that his long-revered band, a mainstay of the Deep Elm label, has started the process of recording new material -- their first batch of new stuff since 2006's Seven Year War.

"I never stopped writing songs for RAW," Wilson writes us in an email that arrived in our inbox this morning. "But, because of our distance, we don't record as often as we'd like. This holiday season we were able to not only play a show but wrangle some studio time as well."

It's still the very early goings, Wilson warns. But, he says, the band did get together on December 30 at Trolley House Productions to begin tracking the new songs.

"We got some great stuff that picks up where the band left off, smashing post-punk into a million little pieces and putting it back together in a way akin to gluing a shattered mirror," Wilson writes. "Expect many jagged edges and hairpin turns."

Just don't expect the record to come out right away.

"It will be a good while before it's released because we have more to do," Wilson writes. "But, eventually, it will see the light of day."

In the meantime, Wilson says that fans of his other outfit, Saboteur, which he launched in Red Animal War's wake, should have its long-awaited first full-length released at some point in the near future. That band will be in the studio this weekend, continuing to work on an album that's already been a couple years in the making.

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