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Revered Former DIY Venue The Annex House Returns For A Post-Thanksgiving Bash

After closing its doors last August, the DIY show promoters who lived and hosted events at 1207 Annex Ave. promised that their name would live on. And, sure enough, it pretty much has, thanks to shows popping up here and there on area concert calendars under the heading of "The Annex House Presents..." and a recent D Magazine piece that praised the house venue's short-lived existence -- not to mention our own use of the spot as the photo shoot location for our 21st Dallas Observer Music awards in 2009.

Now, though, it seems the Annex House's legacy will really live on -- as in, well, that its legacy will return to the place where it was born.

New tenants now occupy the address, but the promoters behind the house's two-year run as a successful DIY venue have negotiated with those tenants to allow for a return-to-Annex House show later this month, on Friday, November 26, when area favorites Leg Sweeper, Manned Missiles and Broadcast Sea will get a chance to play the revered spot.

Circle your calendars, folks.

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Pete Freedman
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