Robert Gomez Covers The Theater Fire, Kelly Clarkson Covers Everyone Else.

Stumbled across the above clip recently, which features one Robert Gomez offering up his take on The Theater Fire's hilariously named "The Testicle Song" and giving the most beautifully arranged song we've ever heard about genitalia an even more subtle, almost dainty undertone.

We highly recommend you check it out--and keep your ears perked for it at future Gomez shows, too, as the video's accompanying post on Gomez's Web site indicates that he'll be playing the cover during some upcoming performances.

Meanwhile, in barely related news, Burleson's own Kelly Clarkson has been dipping her toes all up in the cover song waters of late, too. At her New York City tour stop last night, Clarkson covered Patsy Cline, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and Alanis Morrisette--all within the span of a 20-song set, which is kinda crazy, no? Anyway, MTV News, predictably, thought it was amazing. So there's that.

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