Sarah Jaffe Continues Earning Impressive Year-End Nods, As Kirtland Records Confirms New "Early 2011" Release From The Rising Star.

In their just-released edition focusing on 20 things to look out for in 2011, D Magazine takes the stance that Sarah Jaffe is in store for a big 2011. Which, OK, she probably is. But let's not forget how big Jaffe's been in 2010.

As the year's winding down and more and more year-end lists are seeing the light of day, the regional product is scoring high marks across the board, with her full-length debut Suburban Nature coming in at No. 39 on Paste's year-end albums list and No. 58 on Amazon.com's year-end list. And, as if that wasn't enough, there's this incredible distinction: On Amazon.com's list of the 100 best songs of the year, Jaffe's the lone artist to have two tracks listed, with "Summer Begs" and "Perfect Plan" making the cut and her debut single, "Clementine," nowhere to be found, interestingly enough.

Oh, and she got profiled in Interview magazine, too, which is pretty cool. And USA Today's Pop Candy blog listed her at No. 49 in their 100 People of 2010 list.

Yeah, 2010's been mighty good to Jaffe. So what exactly is in store for 2011, then? Well, we just reached out to the folks at the Dallas-based Kirtland Records, Jaffe's label home, to find out.

And, turns out, yeah, there are some things fans can expect.

"We've got some things in the works," Kirtland's Tami Thomsen says. "Some really cool things."

As in? Well, remember that EP that Jaffe told us about back in July? The one that she said represents a somewhat new direction and could be out as early as this past fall? The one that never came? Yeah, that one.

It's still in the works, Thomsen says, and Kirtland indeed plans on releasing it -- and soon. The EP, which Thompsen describes as a collection of "home demos," will be called The Way Sound Leaves A Room, and should see the light of day in "early 2011."

That not enough for ya? Well, fine: Go catch Jaffe performing tonight at KXT's one-year anniversary party at Jack Daniel's Saloon at Gilley's. If, that is, you're a supporting member of the public radio station's cause.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.