Sarah Jaffe to Tour With Norah Jones in March, Early May

Between Midlake's having Sarah Jaffe open for its show on a recent string of shows in the southeast and that same band's taking Matthew Arrogant Sea on the road come March, there's been a whole lot of Denton-on-Denton touring love of late. And ain't it sweet to see that city's more-established, upper-echelon set bringing its younger counterparts out on the road? Sure is.

Which makes this the news this morning all the sweeter: Jaffe's scored another coup on that front; she'll be opening for fellow Denton product Norah Jones throughout the Midwest and in Texas in March and early May (full list of dates available here). Given that Jones' latest release was something of a head-scratcher, this kinda sets Jaffe up to steal some of Jones' shine, don't ya think? After all, Jaffe's already kind of done that on the road with Midlake--if the couple of live reviews she's posted to her Web site are to be believed...

Anyway, judge for yourself when the tandem rolls through Dallas on Tuesday, May 4, for a gig at Fair Park Music Hall--or just 14 days before Jaffe's full-length debut, Suburban Nature, earns its release on Kirtland Records. We'll be there with bells on.

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