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Normally, we don't like to admit such things, but we screwed up. There, we said it. Not the first time it's happened, probably not the last, but one of the few times we'll 'fess up to it. What, exactly, did we screw up? You might be asking yourself. After all, there's just so much to choose from. This time, it happened to be the fact that the third installment of Buzz-Oven's "all-ages Texas tour"--OK, it's only two shows in two cities; so?--kicked off on March 31 at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, with performances by Doosu, the pAper chAse and Clutch Cargo.

All three bands, incidentally and not coincidentally, also contribute a pair of songs to a free sampler disc that Buzz-Oven is circulating at the all-ages shows. Pick one up if you're a Doosu fan, because, while both pAper chAse and Clutch Cargo songs come from their most recent releases, one of the Doosu tracks, "Racehorse," is brand-new and thus far only available on this compilation. (You can probably get one via Buzz-Oven's Web site,, if you ask nicely. And, if you visit the site, you get two bucks off at the next Buzz-Oven shindig. Can't beat that deal. As far as we know.)

No harm intended, fellas, just a case of us pulling the goalie late in the third period. Fret not: If you missed the Ridglea Theater throwdown, you have plenty of time to remember that the next show happens April 28 at the Gypsy Tea Room. It's an early one, folks, getting under way around 5 p.m. It's never too early to rock! Can't pull that off, can we? Didn't think so...

Amendment I to last week's Scene, Heard, ratified in our office on the 27th day of March, 2001: While The Toadies CD release show was indeed recorded, and Rio Grande Mud Radio is actually trying to get its hands on a copy, Toby Sheets, the Internet-only station's owner/program manager/content manager/site designer/MP3-J/H.M.F.I.C., would like to clarify the situation just a bit. Toby, the floor is yours:

"We would not casually add the material to our rotation," Sheets says, via e-mail. "There are some legalities that would need to be worked out ahead of time including contacting each band for permission to play the material. Now that we are a fully licensed radio station by the major performing rights organizations, we have strict guidelines we must adhere to including those outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Many artists are still a little nervous about Internet radio stations and the acquisition of their MP3s. We try very hard to ensure that the artists in rotation know that we won't air anything if they don't want us to. I want those artists who performed at the Toadies' show to know that we will indeed contact them for permission if we decide to air anything at all." And there you have it.

Amendment II to last week's Scene, Heard, ratified somewhere in Oak Lawn on the 29th day of March, 2001: When we gave a laughably fake reason why we've never seen or heard anything that Sonya Jevette, Chattervox, Tarrytown, The Touch, Annagrey, Tiffany Shea, 3 Shot West, Gropius, Courtney Fairchild, Kristy Kruger, Blackwood Avenue or Naked Singularity has done, or why we're not kicking it feminist-folk style at the open-mic nights, diva showcases, comedy clubs-cum-metal dives, or trading man-I've-been-there sighs with bands that rise "like a phoenix out of the ashes of uncertainty," we weren't being honest with ourselves. It seemed like a funny joke at the time, but then again, they all do. We 'pologize wholeheartedly and quite sincerely for our treatment of the matter. See, the real reason we weren't seeing or hearing any of that stuff is because we have a long-held and vaguely successful policy against going to bad shows. Again, sorry for the error. We'll try to keep it from happening again...

Brasco's Kevin Aldridge dropped a line saying that the band will be recording its next album at The Echo Lab in Argyle with Matt Barnhart producing, just as soon as the studio's current renovations are complete. Probably some time around June, but hey, we're not in the band, don't get out to Argyle much and have a charming habit of just making stuff up to suit our own needs. So, yeah, sometime in June. Maybe...

One record that is already finished is the debut--isn't it?--from Last Beat Records owner Caron Barrett and her band Astrogin. The disc is due in stores April 10 on (really, no kidding?) Last Beat and was produced by Nick Griffiths. If that name sounds familiar, you might recognize it from the sleeve notes of some Pink Floyd or Joy Division records. Or because he was the guy who redesigned Last Beat's studio. Either way...

As you read this, voting in the 2001 Dallas Observer Music Awards is wrapping up, both online ( and on something we like to refer to as "paper." ("Paper? Pardon?") Why didn't you vote? Seriously. It was so easy, just a few mouse clicks, a few pencil marks. Not rocket science, kids. You can find out who won on April 17 at the Gypsy Tea Room, where a handful of local celebrities (haha--we meant to say "Observer staff writers") will hand out awards between performances by Baboon, The Toadies, The Telefones, The Deathray Davies and Slobberbone. You will enjoy yourself, or be terminated with extreme prejudice. Don't press us on this one. Stay tuned for ticket information--they're free, but we'll tell you where to get 'em--and the over/under on the amount of times someone threatens us with bodily harm from the stage. The neck still hasn't felt right since Charles from Hellafied Funk Crew applied the headlock. Just remember: We bruise easily and scream like girls.

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