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Selena Gomez On The Nude Statue Featuring Her, Justin Bieber: "Yeah, It's A Little Weird."

It's been kind of a weird week for Selena Gomez. And, thing is, it started out so great, too.

At Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards, the Grand Prairie native took home five surf boards (used instead of trophies, naturally), second only to Taylor Swift, who won six. But Gomez, let's face it, won all the big ones: Best Actress (for her role on Wizards of Waverly Place), Best Group (for her work with her band Selena Gomez & The Scene), Best Single (for her song "Who Says") Best Love Song (perhaps ironically for her song, "Love You Like a Love Song) and, most awesome of all, Female Hottie of the Year.

Considering that the awards are fan-voted, and that Gomez is Disney's No. 1 commodity in the social media world, perhaps that much should have been expected.

Surely, though, there's no way that Gomez, 19, could've anticipated the news that broke on Tuesday -- that she and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Justin Bieber, had been immortalized in in the nude for a bronze statue that's set to debut in an adult store in Dallas in a few weeks.

To her credit, though, Gomez seems to be taking the news -- that some stranger named Daniel Edwards that she's never met, and that she certainly hasn't posed for, has made a statue of her and her boyfriend in the nude -- in stride.

"Yeah, it's a little weird," Gomez says when asked about it today as part of an interview set up to preview her upcoming Dallas show with her band The Scene on Wednesday, August 31, at Gexa Energy Pavilion. "But I think it's nice that someone scultped a thing, I guess? I don't know."

Her voice trails off a bit at the end there, the usually loquacious actress and singer suddenly a bit shy.

When pressed, though, she swears she's not offended by it.

"No," she says. "To each their own."

Really? That's it?

"I guess so," she says. "It's still very awkward for me."

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