Selena Gomez Is Holding On to Her Fort Worth Mansion

We hate to upset you before noon, but you no longer have the opportunity to buy Selena Gomez's Fort Worth home.

In March, Grand Prairie native Gomez put up the five-bedroom mansion for $3 million and gave everyone hope they could bathe in the same bathtub Gomez once bathed in. The mansion came equipped with everything a pop star could need: 1.56 acres, three living areas and a basketball court. And some rich, lucky Texan was going to have it all.

But according to Page Six, not only has the Fort Worth home been taken off the market, but Gomez has also purchased another home — this one in Studio City, Calif. Gomez bought a four-bedroom house that was built in 1951 and has been renovated three times. Although the listing price was for $2.2 million, Gomez paid $54,000 more, because she can.

In March, Arlington real estate agent Ashley Cook — a personal friend of Gomez's — told us she had found and decorated the Fort Worth home. Gomez hadn't been spending much time there, she said.

Perhaps the decision to take it off the market means Gomez has had a change of heart and wants to be closer to her hometown. Or perhaps no one made an offer on the home because, well, it's sort of fugly.

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