Seryn Will Finally Get Around To Releasing Its Debut... In Just Two More Short Months!

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Just last week, we shared a new video focusing on Denton's folk-loving five-piece Seryn and joked about the band's long-anticipated debut release, which, a couple times now, has seen its release pushed back for who knows what reasons. But today comes news that, finally, the band has settled on a date and, dagnabbit, this time, it's for real.

Like releases from Doug Burr and Telegraph Canyon before it, the new Seryn disc, called This Is Where We Are, will come out as a joint release from California's Velvet Blue Music and the locally based Spune Records on January 25, 2011.

And it's fair to say that the disc from the thrice-DOMAXXII-nominated act will come with a fair share of excitement: We first featured the band, shortly after it formed, last fall, followed that up with a DC9 in Space segment on the band, and ran, oh, a few subsequent pieces on them, too, even naming their song "We Will All Be Changed" the 18th best area song of 2009. For now, though, a free download from the disc, a few more streams, the album art and the press release announcing the it all, will have to do. Find all that after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Seryn -- "We Will All Be Changed"

Yes, it's the same song we offered up as a download around this time last year -- but that version was just the demo, whereas the above cut is the album recording, and considerably cleaner.

Need more? Stream three more songs right here. And if you need a live fix, catch the band next, for free, on Thursday night at Lochrann's Irish Pub in Frisco. Oh, and check out the below press release for even more pertinent info.


Seryn is a 5 piece band who calls Denton, Texas their home.  When listening to the well layered textures of guitars, ukulele, accordion, bass, viola, banjo and various percussion, it's hard to imagine This Is Where We Are is the band's debut effort.  The band's strength resides in their vast musical talent and understanding of dynamics. Their beauty is gracefully displayed through chilling harmonies. Each member and their voice carry the same importance. One is not complete without the other.

It is in this craft that the young band shines so bright. It has earned them a sound that isn't easily defined, but still proven triumphant.  What may first appear as straight folk songs, later transcend into menacing walls of sound.  The term "Folk-Pop" has been thrown around and maybe it loosely fits, but we will leave the definitions up to you.

The Denton Record-Chronicle said "Seryn's set was so dynamic that you could feel the key changes in your feet, through Festival Hall's concrete floor!".  While the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, "Watching Seryn perform, it's hard to convince yourself that those crystalline, multi-part harmonies are not pre-recorded or some kind of sleight of ear."  You can see where this is going...

This Is Where We Are was recorded by Britton Beisenherz (Ramble Creek), and recorded over the course of a few months.  The experience felt at their live show seems to be captured well in these recordings, which was something of great importance to the band. The band has created their own buzz in the most traditional way too by winning people over at their shows.  It's not often that a band without a record out is able to play so many great bills and sold out shows. Much less, be nominated for awards such as Best Folk Artist, and Song of the Year (Dallas Observer). There is no shortage of regional press on them either but the band is excited to take their sound, their show, and their new record on the road.  They will be traveling all over the US in the coming months. Go see them play and you will be sucked in!


Track Listing:

1. So Within 2. Of Ded Moroz 3. Beach Song 4. We Will All Be Changed
5. Towering 6. Our Love 7. River Song 8. Bete Noire 9. On My Knees 10. Untitled

Chelsea - violin, percussion, and bird chirps

Aaron - bass, trumpet, cello and bear roars
Nathan - guitar, guitar, geeeter, banjo, and guitar. And some mouth sounds.
Chris - drums, banjo, pump organ, guitar, accordion, bells, earthquake stomps

Trenton - ukulele, banjo, accordion, sings the sung songs 


"Beautiful arrangements (both in instrumentation and in vocal harmonies) and an epic, "big sky" sound that, at times, seems more fitting washing over dilapidated wooden pews in an old church than the usual torn-up couches, vinyl booths and barstools of area venues." - Dallas Observer

"Like ice-cold water on a hot day, their music is crisp and refreshing, and I cannot get enough. The imagery packed into their set is unreal. It's like listening to the soundtrack of a great love story, breathtaking drama, and a dark tragedy all rolled into one over-the-top, unparalleled performance."  - My Denton Music

"Seryn is fast becoming a must-see. One of Denton's hottest bands in any genre...on the verge of big things." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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