Seryn's This Is Where We Are Makes Paste Magazine's Top 50

Yesterday, we posted a piece about the new video for Bon Iver's "Hinnom, TX," in which we predicted that his 2011 self titled sophomore album would end up toward the top of year-end lists. But really, it's a no-brainer. The album is brilliant.

And, just like that, Paste, the first major publication to release its year-end top 50 albums list, proved us right with Bon Iver's record in the number one spot. There's also another familiar name only a little way down the list. Denton's Seryn cracked the publication's top 40 with their album This Is Where We Are in the 34th position, sandwiched between Childish Gambino's Camp and The Head And The Heart's self-titled album.

It doesn't come as a big shock, though, given the amount of coverage Paste has given to Seryn over the last year. Remember when they named their performance at South By Southwest the festival's best? Now that was shocking -- almost as much as that time the guy got Seryn lyrics tattooed on his arm.

Good for Seryn. Perhaps the quintet comes off as a little overly sincere sometimes. Hopefully, next year we'll see some signs of age on their sophomore release, and in the meantime, we'll see how they fare on other year-end-lists. Unless something crazy happens this month, they'll be in our top 10.

Update: It appears that more year-end lists have started rolling in. St. Vincent landed herself the number 11 spot on Paste's with her album Strange Mercy, and the number 9 spot on Q, which also has Josh T. Pearson's Last Of The Country Gentlemen at 42.  

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