Seven Albums That Will Have Mom Thinking You Put Thought Into Her Mother's Day Gift

Don't forget, ungrateful and forgetful children: Mother's Day is this weekend.

Fortunately, though, it's still two days off. And, if you're pressed for a gift idea or two, you still have time to pick up one of these special musical options for the lady who brought you into this world.

For the Mom Who Wears Flannel:
Mother Love Bone's Apple

Sure, this record gets knocked a few points for the singer's suicide, which came just days before the album was to be released. But such sadness doesn't detract too much for the overall power of Apple. Plus, the remainder of Mother Love Bone ended up forming Pearl Jam. And we are all joyous about that, right? Right? Right.

For The Mom Who Dropped Acid:
The Mothers of Invention's Freak Out
If your mother enjoys this album, she's either way cool or seriously disturbed. This disc started the career of the late, great Frank Zappa.

For The Mom Who Needs Some Help:
John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band
For my money, the best album any of The Beatles made as solo artists. The song "Mother" is about as emotionally draining as rock music gets. A song about being abandoned by both his parents, "Mother" is kind of a guide on how not to be one.

For The Mom With A Bad Boy Fetish:
Danzig's Danzig
Another album that features a song called "Mother" -- and this one is pretty tortured, as well. But your mom might think Danzig is a hunk papa. Probably not.

For The Wizard of Oz-Loving Mom:
Pink Floyd's The Wall

Another "Mother," and another depressing little ditty. But I think my mom dug this, at least.

For The Mom That Never Stops Crying:
Paul Simon's Paul Simon
With the song "Mother and Child Reunion," Paul Simon essentially began his solo career. It's a great, uplifting song that should make any mother smile.

For The Down-Home, Back-Roads Mom:
Ralph Stanley's A Mother's Prayer

If you didn't know, Ralph Stanley is a bluegrass legend who recently turned 84. A Mother's Prayer is Stanley's latest effort, and it's an emotion-laden album that I'm actually planning on buying for my mom.

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