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Sigur Ros at Verizon Theatre, 4/8/13: Review and Photos

It's nothing short of astonishing that an ambient Icelandic band who don't sing in English or write songs in a verse-chorus structure are filling arenas across the US. Some of the next acts to play this same arena are Shinedown, The Lumineers, Styx and the Killers. Sigur Ros are a band that exist only in shadows, walls of feedback and high-pitched, stretched-out vowel sounds. There has never been another Sigur Ros, and there will never be another Sigur Ros.

It's like they're not even playing the same instruments. They are playing the same instruments -- there's a classic structure of guitar, keys, bass, and piano -- but the noise they're making, the sheer forceful goddamn sound that pours out of that stage into every tiny nook of the venue is something entirely different. It's ethereal, it's barely even of this world, and it beguiles you to just stop whatever you're thinking and listen and blot out every single other part of your brain until all you can see is a bright white light and all you can hear is an avalanche over a pounding drumbeat.

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Gavin Cleaver
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