Slideshow: Deep Ellum Film Night

Saturday night's Hopelessly Devoted To You II at Kettle Art Gallery proved to be a fun, laid-back evening of free entertainment, food and drink, all aimed at proving Deep Ellum's cultural significance, past, present and, hopefully, future. Not that anyone on hand at the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project event needed convincing; the crowd seemed to consist almost entirely of familiar musicians, artists and Ellum scenesters.

Attendees walked in and out noshing on food from Excuses Cafe and Medina Oven And Bar, along with It's A Grind coffee and wine from Calais Winery and very tasty ale from HakenBrew, both produced right in Deep Ellum. Films included old footage of Stick Men With Ray Guns from Kettle co-owner Frank Campagna to Course of Empire music videos to Cindy Chaffin's thumbnail history of the district. Echoes and Reverberations writer Jeff Liles showed a clip from his Bill's Records and Tapes doc The Last Record Store and footage of Australian surfer/art punks, with his own Cottonmouth, Texas providing the soundtrack.

Photographer Hal Samples was on hand--and not just to watch his video for The Black Angels' "You In Color" and his amazing brand-new short "Something From Nothing," about a homeless man who transformed an empty trailer into a found-art kingdom. Samples also took photos, which are now available in slideshow form. Check it out. --Jesse Hughey

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Jesse Hughey
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