For the past few weeks, we've been following the efforts of various DFW area artists trying to scam their way into the final slot at this weekend's Austin City Limits Music Festival via the annual competition called The Sound and The Jury. And, last night at Antone's in Austin, the competition came to its head in a live battle of the bands.

But, even with a bus-full of Dentonites, neither of the Denton-based artists who'd made it to this final round, Andrew Tinker nor Erin Austin, could beat the hometown crowd-supported winners of the event, The Bright Light Social Hour.

Pretty sure this is what happens every year, right? Bands from out of town get all amped about the concept, only to end up losing to some Austin band that packs the venue out with friends and fans...

At the very least, Tinker and Austin got some press and a gig in Austin out of the deal, though, so I guess it's a win-lose.

Some Band From Austin Beats Out Dentonites Vying For Final ACL Spot. Big Shocker.

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