Sorta Like Sorta: Trey Johnson, Danny Balis, Ward Williams and Friends To Play AllGood Tomorrow Night

For obvious reasons, a full-blown Sorta reunion just ain't in the cards. But, tomorrow night at AllGood Cafe, fans of the DOMA-winning favorite are in for pretty much the next best thing, as four former Sorta members, (and some friends) are slated to share a performance stage once more.

It's all part of the ongoing song-swap series scheduled at the Deep Ellum eatery, and billed for tomorrow night's event? Former bandmates Trey Johnson, Danny Balis and Ward Williams. Until earlier this week, though, there was some question as to whether Williams, now living in Nashville, would be able to attend. So, as sort of a backup plan, Johnson, Balis and the venue decided to turn the night into a "Johnson, Balis and Friends"-type deal. Among those friends? comedian/singer/songwriter Dave Little, King Bucks keyboardist Chad Stockslager and, yep, one more fellow Sorta member, Chris Holt. But even with Williams now back in the mix, the "friends" remain--meaning that four of the five remaining Sorta members will be sharing a bill.

(No word yet on if drummer Trey Carmichael or his eventual replacement, Tom Bridwell, will be making an appearance.)

But says AllGood owner Mike Snider: "I wouldn't be surprised if the night ended with them all on stage together doing some Sorta songs."

We'll have to wait and see on that. But, either way, should be quite the treat for the band's many fans.

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Pete Freedman
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