Sound Bytes: Download Smile Smile's "Silent Night" Cover, Listen To Black Tie Dynasty's "Christmas Time (feat. PPT)" And Hear Matthew And The Arrogant Sea's Newest Song

  • Smile Smile, perhaps Dallas' greatest pop duo that also happens to be an ex-couple, has a little treat over on its Myspace page for your listening please: A surprisingly touching and sweeping cover fo the famed Christmas class tune "Silent Night"--and you can download it, too, iff'n you feel so inclined, by visiting the band's ReverbNation page...

  • Meanwhile, it's not up for download far as I can tell, but over on Black Tie Dynasty's Myspace page, you can check out the band's pretty awesome "Christmas Time" track, which features the now-defunct PPT. Me? I'm just really a big fan of bells...

  • And, last but certainly not least, there's a new track over on Matthew and the Arrogant Sea's Myspage page this week. It's called "My Science Fiction Dream" and, yep, it's brand spankin' new--although it's really just frontman Matthew Gray doing his best Jeff Mangum performing the track solo for, it seems, some radio DJ. Either way, it's good. --Pete Freedman

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