Sounds Are Active Releases Denton Band Compilation Mixtape

A few weeks back, we told you about a soon-to-be-released digital compilation album of (mostly) Denton-based acts that Shiny Around The Edges' Michael and Jennifer Seman had assembled for the indie label Sounds Are Active.

Well, 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! is now up for download right here.

In the accompanying liner notes, the Semans write: "Nowhere else have we experienced the sheer multitude of venues, musicians, bands, and genres coexisting in such a small town. We hope this theoretical mixtape gives one a better idea of what it is like to live and listen in Denton, Texas. It is by no means meant to be comprehensive. Heck, we could have made five of these and still not have run out of bands to include."

Though 20 Bands/74.4 Minutes! isn't 100 percent comprehensive, the compilation is pretty remarkable because, despite featuring a wide-ranging swathe of agro to mellow Denton acts, the album still manages to sustain a sense of continuity.

Who woulda though that sandwiching Record Hop between Mom and Dust Congress would work?

Check the whole track listing after the jump. 

01 Shiny Around the Edges "Come Closer"
02 Fight Bite "Spring Rain"
03 Tre Orsi "The Visible Hand"
04 Mom "Josh Likes Me"
05 Record Hop "Rocket Séance"
06 Dust Congress "Sow a $58 Seed"
07 The Make Believers "Anytime is a Good Time"
08 Heartstring Stranglers "Jennie"
09 Darktown Strutters "Quakertown"
10 Zanzibar Snails "The Pendulum, The Dirigible"
11 Paul Slavens "Piece for Piano and Wind Trio: I Allegro"
12 Kaboom "Helen Keller"
13 History at Our Disposal "Bed of Leaves"
14 Daniel Folmer "Skin and Bones"
15 Delmore Pilcrow "The Most Popular Mister"
16 Florene "Street Caring"
17 Sean Kirkpatrick "The Paper"
18 Handbrake "Brillo's Aftermath"
19 Glen Farris "When the Dawn Finds You"
20 Notes from Underground "No. 3, July 2006"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.