Spillover Fest 2014 Lineup: Final Round of Bands Announced Today

It is by now no secret that SXSW is a live music Gomorrah where you spend a week standing in lines with a hangover for the privilege of watching a band while people force-feed you horrible tacos.

But it does afford you the opportunity to see bands you can't under nearly any other circumstance, bands too weird to tour regularly and/or find themselves in the conventional publicity circuit. So you wade into the mass of humanity in Austin anyway. Alternately, though, you could just stay here in Dallas and go to Spillover Fest instead, which always features a strong lineup of those sorts of exceptional, off-the-beaten-path bands. And this year it's maybe the best assortment yet. Advance tickets are $19.99 and on sale now.

Talent buying operation Parade of Flesh has just announced this year's final round of bands and released that poster you see above. Here are the new additions:

Breton Creative Adult The Entrance Band Iron Reagan Marijuana Deathsquads Oberhofer Obliterations

It so happens that we have spent the better part of the week listening to Marijuana Deathsquads semi-new album, Oh My Sexy Lord. It is loud and vibrant and strange and will make for a spectacular live show. The rest are winners too. The full lineup is on that poster, but just in case you needed another reminder it's excellent. Headliners include Ty Segall and Astronautalis. It's all happening on Sunday, March 16.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.