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Spin Shares Our Neon Indian Affection, Sheds Light Into Will Johnson's Monsters of Folk Invite (Kinda)

The folks at Spin have been mighty kind to DFW musicians over the past year and a half or so. There was the exclusive streaming of the Toadies' "No Deliverance" single, for one. Then the love for The Riverboat Gamblers and the single issue that featured Damaged Good$, The Strange Boys, Pantera, Erykah badu and St. Vincent all at once. Hell, even The Buck Pets have gotten some love from the rag. And lest we forget, there was that two-page spread on the Dallas music scene back in February 2008, penned by former Observer music editor Zac Crain.

So, point is: Plenty of love.

The October issue's no different on that front. In it, Neon Indian gets some in the recurring "Songs Your Must Hear Now!" feature for its "Should've Taken Acid With You Track." Writes the Spin staff: "A universal sentiment, appropriately expressed as a squishy synth-splashed reverie." Works for me.

So, too, does the Q&A with Monsters of Folk, even if the local tie-in is a bit of a stretch.

At the very least, this much you should already know: On the road, Centro-matic's Will Johnson is joining the supergroup of sorts that already features M. Ward, Jim James, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, by sitting in on drums. And though you won't see Johnson mentioned anywhere in the interview, which was likely conducted before his presence on the tour was confirmed, you will see the other members talking about how they each played drums on their record, but don't feel comfortable enough doing so on the road. And you'll see this funny exchange about the potential of adding other members like Johnson.

Would you let other indie-rock luminaries into the group if they asked nicely?
That'll probably start happening more and more, so we should have an application proces. Like Target. "Just go online and fill out this easy application. We'll let you know in a couple weeks."
Doubtful if Johnson had to undergosucha  vetting process, but, y'know, a boy can dream...

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