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St. Vincent And Neon Indian Named To New York Magazine Brooklyn Top 40

I know, I know. You've had it with daily St. Vincent and Neon Indian updates. All that has to happen now is for St. Vincent to cover "Ice Cream Paint Job" and have Alan Palomo remix it, at which point DC9 would be thrown into a Boolean loop from which it would never emerge.

But when I saw the two listed side-by-side on a list of New York Magazine's "The 40 Songs That Define The Sound" sidebar to this week's cover story about the Brooklyn music scene, I couldn't pass it up.

St. Vincent's "Actor Out Of Work" was listed at number 24, right before Neon Indian's "Deadbeat Summer"at number 23. Of the St. Vincent song, Lizzy Goodman writes, "Beguiling indie-pop romp that merges loose guitars, urgent drumming, creepy choral noise, and fuzzy horns to make something weird, gorgeous, and compulsively listenable." As for "Deadbeat Summer," she has this to say: "Woozy synth-pop gem that conjures the feeling of being young, bored, and restless but lazy."

You're probably expecting some griping about how they both started their music careers in North Texas and it's not fair for Brooklyn to claim them and blah blah blah. Not this time. One of the themes of the article is how the New York borough has become a destination for musicians, like Dirty Projectors' David Longstreth, who got their start elsewhere

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Jesse Hughey
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