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St. Vincent Reveals New Song From Forthcoming Strange Mercy

Just a few days ago, we heard news that St. Vincent's forthcoming, Oak Cliff-recorded album Strange Mercy would see its release on September 13. That announcement, followed by a handful of Tom Waits covers, has put the St. Vincent new album buzz full speed ahead.

But the biggest news yet comes to us this morning. Over at Strangemercy.com, the microsite dedicated to St. Vincent's new album, fans can catch the first glimpse of the record with a free download of the song "Surgeon." Or you can just hit the jump, where we also have it for free.

In addition to the song, the site contains four interesting, and at times funny, short clips where you get dumped by Annie Clark herself, and you see some newborn kittens while a narrator talks about the mothers eating their young. 

The song starts with lush layers of vocals and synthesizers, then eventually gets into a sort of strange disco and funk that you might expect from a P-Funk track. Can't say it's too surprising, though. There were hints of that all over her last record Actor, but she's definitely taking it a few steps further here.

St. Vincent - Surgeon

St. Vincent - Surgeon

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