Stacy Dupree Marries, Making It Zero Eisley Girls Left on the Market. (Sorry, Dudes.)

Big news out of Eisley camp this month: Stacy DuPree, lead vocalist, keyboardist and youngest of the three Tyler-dwelling sisters who make up the backbone of the band, got married earlier this month to Darren King, drummer for the band Mutemath. You may remember King from his guitar work in Eisley's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs," which we shared with you back in February.

Anyway, the 21-year-old is the last of the three sisters in the band to wed. Older sister Chauntelle (28) is married to custom guitar designer Todd D'Agostino; middle-child Sherri (23 26) married Say Anything frontman Max Bemis is April of last year.

Huh. Think the DuPree ladies like musicians? Sure looks like it.

And, actually, it's not just the girls who are hitched now: According to Wikipedia, drummer and brother Weston Dupree married his longtime girlfriend earlier this year. Which I guess makes cousin Garron, who plays bass, as the lone single member of the clan? Poor guy.

Alas, life just keeps getting more and more real for the Eisley clan, who split form Warner Brothers at year's start, right before wowing us at SXSW in March and just after hinting at some major impending changes coming for the band in late 2009.

No formal word yet out of Eisley camp on if a new record in 2010 is still impending, but, the band is apparently mixing some new tracks. And, clearly, in their defense, they've been busy.

Update: The band has posted a blog saying it hopes to release a new record this fall.

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