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Starfucker Aim For Head and Hips at The Prophet Bar

Starfucker, Painted Palms and Alexico The Prophet Bar Friday, January 13

An interesting sampling was in attendance at Friday's sold-out Prophet Bar show, one that spanned teens, 20, 30 and 40-somethings. Monterrey-based one-man band Alexico's computer-assisted performance was, at first, an acquired taste, but as the set progressed, his hip-hop en Español became more endearing.

Next up were Painted Palms, an interesting combo that lists its hometown as both San Francisco and Baton Rouge. Wherever these guys are from, their swirling, psychedelic pop was fresh and appealing, particularly "Falling Asleep," a gorgeous mid-tempo number that had the folks swaying towards the merchandise table.

Then it was time for Starfucker, who were sporting lipstick and eyeliner, and the air was electric as the crowd pushed towards the stage. From the first notes of "Biggie Smalls" on through "Bury Us Alive," "Millions," "Julius" and "German Love," the members became one with the sweaty horde. When the laser show kicked into full gear, the audience became one throbbing mass.

Stumbling down the streets of Deep Ellum to my car, I recalled the same streets from many years ago, when the buzz in the air was as thick as a beehive. Perhaps it's getting that way again.

Personal bias: I'm not the biggest fan of "dance" music, but what Starfucker does belongs in a category all by itself. Usually, music made for shaking your ass is about as thought-provoking as a turnip, but Starfucker's songs aim for the hips and the head.

By the way: By the time Starfucker hit the stage, about 200 people had been turned away since the show was sold out much earlier in the evening. The large room at The Door was being used for a six-act metal bill. When I took a bathroom break and peeked through the doors into the big room, I saw only 20 or so people. Seems a venue switch would have brought in a hell of a lot more money.

Random note: What's with all the teenage smokers clouding up the bathroom? Dudes, you can make it a couple hours nicotine-free.

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Darryl Smyers
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