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Starting Tomorrow, "Poster of the Week" Gets Re-Worked A Bit.

For a year-and-a-half now, our clubs editor, Jesse Hughey, has dutifully handled that task of selecting the winners and writing the accompanying blurbs for our Poster of the Week items. (Check the archives--there are some real gems in there.)

Starting tomorrow, though, Jesse's stepping aside from that post. And stepping in to take over the poster-judging gig? The Observer's esteemed, award-winning art director, Alex Flores.

Meaning what, exactly? For one, more detailed critiques of each week's winning design's themes and whatnot.

But, beyond that, well, it means he needs your help. Jesse and I will continue passing along any posters we come across to Alex for weekly judging. But seeing that Alex doesn't specifically cover local music for the Observer, he could use a little help in seeing as many of the area's flier creations as possible. Which is why he's set up a new email address for people to submit their nominees for our Poster of the Week honors: [email protected].

So far, Alex has already received a few submissions--but he could always stand to look at more. So, please, whether you're a poster's designer, one of the band's being promoted, the show promoter who commissioned it, or just a fan of the event being promoted or the art being utilized, be sure to pass along your suggestions each week for his perusal. Thanks!

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