Steal Of The Week: Raphael Saadiq At Glo Lounge Tonight?

Sorry for the very, very late notice on this one, but I just found out about what seems like a pretty sweet deal going on tonight. According to this blog, Motown-like crooner Raphael Saadiq is apparently going to be in town tonight and stopping by Glo Lounge to host a free meet-and-greet and listening party for his new disc, The Way I See It, which earns national release tomorrow.

The 42-year-old Oakland-born singer is often associated with the neo soul sound, although, really his style is far more Smokey Robinson than Ne-Yo--or, at least, it is on his new disc, the bulk of which can be heard here.

Now, here's the deal: I said "apparently" earlier on in this post because I haven't seen this appearance listed anywhere but on the blog where I found it. And I just called Glo to check, but seeing how that space doesn't open for business until 8 p.m. each night, there wasn't any answer. Shocking, I know.

Anyway, could be a crapshoot, but maybe one of those high risk, high reward scenarios. That is, assuming there's much risk involved in stopping by a bar on the way home from catching the Cowboys-Eagles game at your favorite sports bar/friend's house. --Pete Freedman

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