Stereogum Parent-Company BuzzMedia Doesn't Purchase, But Rather Invests In Gorilla Vs. Bear

Interesting note in ye olde New York Times yesterday about Dallas' very own influential taste-making music blog, Gorilla Vs. Bear: In an article detailing the latest moves of growing Internet conglomerate BuzzMedia, which owns some three dozen entertainment-based web sites (among them Stereogum), the Times reports that the company has recently added six more sites to its haul, including Hype Machine, Pop Matters, RCRDLBL, Pure Volume and the near, dear GvB--either as a full-on owner or as an investor.

But what's not entirely clear based on the article's presentation is which of those sites was full-on purchased, and which are just getting some financial support.

So, no surprise then, that, within a few hours of the NYT item being posted, the folks behind Hype Machine's Twitter account decided to clear the air about its own status, and rather directly: " For those confused: Buzz Media sells advertising on The Hype Machine, but does not own the company."

Not a peep from GvB owner and operator, Chris Cantalini, though. Till now, turns out. In short: Contrary to earlier reports from other media outlets, Gorilla Vs. Bear has not been sold. It's deal, actually, is pretty similar to Hype Machine's, Cantalini explains.

Writes the early blog adapter via email: "They have not purchased the site. At this point, they're investing in the site and will manage ads. I still own it, and will retain 100 percent editorial and managerial control."

So no need to fret, fans of the noted GorillaVsBearcore sound and of pre-buzzing bands like Music Go Music (who are amazing, by the way). GvB isn't planning on changing anything. For now, at least.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.