Stereogum Premieres Centro-matic's Video For "Rat Patrols and DJs"

I guess Denton is officially Stereogum's new favorite music town. In the last month or so alone, the site's covered Midlake, Centro-matic and a few others to boot. And, today, Stereogum premiered Centro-matic’s new video for “Rat Patrols and DJs”. Which, of course, was filmed outside of Denton’s own Dan’s Silverleaf. Check it out after the jump.

According to Stereogum, the video was apparently shot in 16 takes with no edits made to the piece. If you watch the video, you'll see why that's actually pretty amazing: It’s a visually stunning piece, sorta like a indie Spaghetti Western.

Stereogum keeps the Denton love going, too, by dropping the knowledge that Chris Flemmons of the great Baptist Generals is playing with Centro-matic and South San Gabriel on the acts' upcoming tour. --Lance Lester

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