Stereogum Talks Coffee, Vinyl With Midlake's Eric Pulido

I'm not gonna say the "Quit Your Day Job" interview Stereogum posted with Midlake's Eric Pulido today necessarily treads through any undiscovered territory--it doesn't--but it is still a nicely packaged piece that allows fans and readers a quick entree into Pulido's two non-band entities: Cappulido (his fair-trade, home delivery coffee service) and Nova Posta Vinyl (the vinyl-only record label co-run with fellow Denton musician Robert Gomez.

And there are some interesting tidbits. Like this one, for example, which explains the "Oh, duh!" way Pulido came up with the name for his coffee company:

"I was looking at different ad posters for products from the '50s and '60s and saw one that said 'Cappucino.' I had an epiphany while looking at it and realized that replacing the 'C' with an 'L' and the 'N' with a 'D' would be a nice amalgamation of my name and cappuccino. Profound isn't it? And so spawned the name Cappulido."

High five to 'gum senior writer Brandon Stosuy for the question.

The highlight, though, is the shine the site is able to give Pulido and Gomez's first Nova Posta project, Denton's Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, in the piece. Since a portion of the piece is Nova Posta-centric, Pulido is able to namedrop the band in the Q&A--and, in turn, the site has posted two MATAS tracks on the page for free download ("Pretty Purple Top Hat" and "Mock Origami"), both of which will be on the band's excellent, soon-to-be-released (Oct. 28) debut, Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian. Enjoy the article--and the downloads--over on Stereogum's site. --Pete Freedman

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