Summmertime Blues

Tone-y, Tone-y, Tone-y: Dallas trio Rawly Punt just released Fleshtone, a collection of lysergic roots rock tunes along the lines of their first release, Anthems. Highlight of the disc, which was recorded in town at Miles of Sound: the group's version of the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer," featuring Annette Conlon's backup vocals.

No word on if you have to sell your soul to the devil: OK, so the rich history of Deep Ellum will probably soon be converted into a good place to grab a mochaccino (which is OK, when you think about it, because in 100 years folks will look back nostalgically on those halcyon days when Starbucks was on every corner), so lest we forget, make sure to participate in the Robert Johnson Recording Anniversary Party and Contest, sponsored by the good folks at Pearl. Seems Johnson recorded part of his only record just around the corner from the jazz spot. According to the Pearlsters, Johnson did two takes of "Hellhound on My Trail," "Stop Breakin' Down Blues," "Traveling Riverside Blues," four takes of "Love in Vain" and a bunch of other songs that basically spawned all great rock 'n' roll. To celebrate, Pearl is throwing a "wang dang doodle," complete with a contest to judge who can do the best rendition of a Robert Johnson song. There's no entry fee and no cover, and performances will be judged on authenticity, technical skill, originality, feel and audience response. Check it out Wednesday, June 20.

Blues redux: If your kids don't know who the hell Robert Johnson is (wasn't he that goth guy from the Cure?), then send them to Blues 101, a teen summer reading program hosted by the Frisco Public Library on the same day, intended for kids 13 and up. Lug your guitar, bass, harmonica or what-have-you along.

Handstamps: Also good for the kids are the awesome, awesome stylings of Gustafer Yellowgold, one of those performers who purports to play for children but who is better than 99 percent of adult-oriented bands out there. The Gustafer Yellowgold show involves a multi-media concert, with the killer mellow '70s-esque rock supplied by Gustafer, "a creature who came to Earth from the sun." Take the young 'uns to the Irving Arts Center on Thursday, June 21, to bask in his solar weirdness.. . Good Records risks Lyme disease for good reason on Friday, June 15, when the venerable spot houses Deer Tick with Jacob Smigel for an in-store...Texas ex-pat Randy Grace heads up Ok City Ok, a band made up of Tokyoites whose sharply weird pop songs harken back to the odd aesthetic of late-'80s Austin music. For instance, it's difficult to tell if their lyrics are just nonsensical—"I crushed the aluminum can/Do you have a tissue?"—or, written by Grace, are twisted up by being translated from English to Japanese back to English. The music is equally odd, with melodies just this side of catchy plus spazzy, sprawling violin and crunchy guitars. Catch them at the Barley House Friday, June 15...The Palladium hosts the sweeping orchestral rock of Southerly—a group that still believes in albums—on Tuesday, June 19... Doc Watson and Tommy Emmanuel perform together for the first time on Tuesday, June 19, at Bass Hall in Fort Worth...You know it might be time to hang it up if you literally have to give away your album, but, for what it's worth, ticket price to Tesla's June 18 show at House of Blues includes a copy of their latest, Real to Reel. Hey, you can always sell it at CD Source.

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