SXSW Begins Announcing Schedules, 25 DFW Area Bands Named To Lineup

Over at SXSW's Web site, festival organizers have started posting the schedule of events for this year's ordeal. And, though its still a few weeks off and many bands and showcases that we know are set to happen have yet to appear, it's still a fun browse.

Also, for what it's worth, we've counted 25 bands from the region or with regional ties on the list--a significant drop from last year's count of 40, which was up from the previous year's 39. We expect the number to grow in the coming weeks, and we'll no doubt re-count this sucker soon enough.

But, for now, by SXSW standards, it appears as if it's a down year for DFW music--something we disagree with wholeheartedly but whatever.

Anyway, jump for the list of bands currently booked to SXSW.

Dallas (13):

  • Little Black Dress 
  • Fat Pimp
  • Dorrough
  • Kill The Client
  • Strange Boys
  • Rev KM Williams and the Amazing Trainwreck
  • Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights
  • Sarah Jaffe
  • True Widow
  • Damaged Good$
  • Tedashii
  • The Novas
  • Kenny and the Kasuals
Denton (9):
  • Brave Combo
  • Midlake
  • Crento-matic
  • Bad Sports
  • OK Sweetheart
  • Dust Congress
  • Bowling for Soup
  • Robert Gomez
  • Neon Indian
Tyler (2)
  • Eisley
  • Mouse and the Traps
Sulphur Springs (1)
  • Fair to Midland

...and, surprisingly, none from Fort Worth. Yet. Again, this is a preliminary list so no need to freak out just yet. In the meantime, if you know of any others not yet on the official list but expected to be added soon, drop 'em in the comments. Y'know, for kicks.

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