Texas Television Troubadour Matt Caldwell Shuffles His iPod For Us.

Texas Country, or Red Dirt, or whatever one wants to call it, has become big business these days. So, it's not really shocking that a couple of television shows dedicated to artists fitting into the Lone Star-loving realm have popped up and are shedding light on the talent all over the state and into other parts of the region beyond the Red River.

Troubadour, TX is one such show. It has made a vast improvement in the quality of its content and focus this year. The syndicated show, produced by Addison's 41 Entertainment, can be seen locally on weekends. One of the artists who has starred on this newest season is Matt Caldwell.

Caldwell, who grew up in the tiny town of Nevada, just outside of Dallas in Collin County, has been featured this season primarily as a writer who's been making friends and writing tunes in Nashville while occasionally joining other featured artists, such as Josh Grider and McKinney's Zane Williams, for live gigs. Hearing his new creations in raw, demo-style form on the show certainly prove he's a talented guy, and his new single, a fun tune that blends rock guitars with fiddle and pedal steel with his velvety drawl, "What Cowboys Do" will surely be racing up the regional country charts in no-time.

He's also taking part in the Troubadour, TX Tour. Hitting the stage tonight inside of Poor David's Pub with Caldwell will be Wiliams and Grider, so any fans of the show or of solid songwriting shoud make a point to swing on by. We were able to get Caldwell to shuffle his iPod for us and let us know what popped up first, and why the songs are on there in the first place.

Matt Caldwell by Kiernan Robert on Grooveshark

Merle Haggard - "That's The Way Love Goes" What a great song by such great artist! One of the greatest love songs of all time. He talks about love in such a simple way, as though he's just talking to you in the room with him. He's a hero of mine, for sure.

George Strait - "Somewhere Down In Texas" George sings about hanging his hat up and when he does he'll be somewhere down in Texas. Knowing he's on his last tour, this song means a lot now and seeing him go out on top is incredible. He'll always be the "Troubadour."

Randy Houser - "Anything Goes" Amazing song! Randy kills it, too. Great vocals, and he really makes me believe the words.

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Waylon Jennings - "Rose In Paradise" Wow is all I can say. I write with Jim McBride, who wrote this song, so it's even more special to me. It's a song of betrayal, and like all great country songs, it has a sad ending! My favorite line is "he said I'd walk through hell on Sunday to keep my rose in paradise."

Eagles - "Life In The Fast Lane" Classic! Just a great roll-the-windows-down-and-drive kind of song.

Matt Caldwell, Zane Williams and Josh Grider perform at Poor David's Pub in Dallas tonight.

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