Thanks To Some GorillaVsBear Love, Pitchfork Shines On Denton's Sunnybrook

Lest there was ever any doubt, in this Internet-driven modern music age, that tastemakers pretty much just blatantly steal finds from other tastemakers and that it's all one big circle, basically, check the case of Denton's Paul North, aka Sunnybrook.

The little brother of Sleep Whale member Joel North, Sunnybrook's music borrows the layering and found-object orchestral sound of his big brother's band's style, adds vocals and combines the elements into deceptively simple-sounding pop tunes--which is, no doubt, one way to describe the song "Waving Hands," which the almighty Pitchfork is featuring on its site today as a free download, just two days after the Dallas-based GorillaVsBear offered that track and another ("Tiger Bite") as free downloads on its site.

Pitchfork credited GorillaVsBear with the find, GorillaVsBear thanked local blog WeShotJR for putting Sunnybrook on its radar, and the train will no doubt move on from this point, too.

Such is the way things work in this modern music world--sometimes to terrifying results, plastering so-so bands all over the place to the point of repulsion. In Sunnybrook's case, however, this quick-building buzz seems, thankfully, quite merited.

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