The 10 Best Dallas-Fort Worth Music Venues to Beat the Heat

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Living in Texas during the summer is a real beating. When you can't just spend all day in a swimming pool, you'll have no choice but to seek out some air conditioning. But that shouldn't keep you from doing the things that make life worth living, like enjoying live music. So when you want to hit up a concert in Dallas but don't want to suffer from heat stroke in the process, where should you go? Try these 10 venues.
10. Crown & Harp

Crown & Harp isn’t known for fancy accommodations, but its cave-like interior is a great spot to escape the beating sun or thick nighttime humidity. The fact that this long, narrow British pub is sandwiched between storefronts means it’s short on windows — an occasion where the lack of natural light works in your favor. Grab a cold beer from the tap while you listen to the latest in Dallas underground music and you’ll be transported to cooler climates. Alaena Hostetter

1914 Greenville Ave., Dallas, thecrownandharp.com
9. Club Dada

With expansive outdoor and indoor spaces, Club Dada has all weather situations covered. The indoor space is well chilled, and when those Dallas breezes come through at night, the newly renovated patio is quite pleasant. Groove to popular touring bands on the main stage with an icy PBR or free cup of water to keep you company. Who needs a beach? You’ll be kept cool enough in a fully-clothed hipster paradise. AH

2720 Elm St., Dallas, dadadallas.com
8. Granada Theater

A few years ago, a new A/C system was installed in this restored movie theater-turned-concert venue. Since then, the Granada has been a pretty enjoyable place to see a show year-round, especially in the summer. Whether it's a blues legend, new wave superstar or an indie rock act with a great reputation, there are plenty of reasons to go there. Granted, like any venue, if the show is packed, cool air can be difficult to find around the huddles towards the stage. But for the most part, you can beat the heat in the place. And it helps that Sundown is next door with a spacious indoor area and a large patio. Eric Grubbs

3524 Greenville Ave., Dallas, granadatheater.com
7. Double Wide

Double Wide may pride itself on being the trashiest little bar in Dallas, but when it comes to keeping cool its a triple threat, thanks to the separate concert venue, trailer-themed main bar and outdoor patio. The place knows how to partition its foot traffic and still keep the party going. If you just want to hit the cocktails hard at happy hour, visit the main bar where you can order the famously chilled Yoohoo Yeehaw or the Hurritang from burly-bearded bartenders. If you’re there to see a killer show, you still have access to a mini-bar and the ambiance of taxidermy hanging from the walls. Audrey Rodriguez

3510 Commerce St., Dallas, double-wide.com
6. American Airlines Center

God bless hockey. Seriously, if it wasn't for the Stars and their surging popularity, we probably wouldn't have seen the push to build the American Airlines Center around the turn of the century. The cooling equipment needed to keep ice from melting has made the AAC an exceptionally comfortable place to catch a concert during the six months of the year where the mere idea of walking to your car equates to journeying through the desert. It's so cool in the AAC you can catch ladies wearing sweaters and shawls in peak July heat. Jaime-Paul Falcon

2500 Victory Ave., Dallas, americanairlinescenter.com

5. Trees

Before it's big brother (Or is it sister? Gendering a building is odd) came along, Trees was the best spot in Deep Ellum to hide out for the horrible heat of Texas in the summertime. It may be a straightforward room from a decor standpoint, but they spare no effort in keeping the play an ice box — which is extra appreciated when there's a sold-out show and you can barely make your way to the door, should you need fresh air. Trees does lose a point or two for not offering free water, however. Jeff Gage

2709 Elm St., Dallas, treesdallas.com
4. Billy Bob's Texas

Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth can offer shelter from sweaty bodies and sunshine. The 127,000 square feet helps you to avoid body heat: If the club is packed, grab a beer and then duck into the gift shop, the cafe or Billy Bob’s Wall of Fame, all of which are within earshot of the music stage. (You might break a sweat if you try to ride it out on the mechanical bull, though.) For those inclined to do some boot-scootin’, the dance floor is filled with polite, organized couples who avoid close contact with other dancers. Oh, and don't forget that Billy Bob's is newly smoke-free. Karen Brooks Harper

2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, billybobstexas.com
3. Three Links

Opening at a brutal 2 p.m. everyday this summer is Three Links, but fear not, air conditioning of all kinds is abundant here. Cool air swells from the vents inside while on the outside, fans transform that engrossing heat into something much more bearable. Top that off with chilling drinks, a friendly atmosphere and an infinite amount of sonic variety make Links a go to spot this summer. Did we mention man’s best friends are also welcome to share the vibes too? Well, they are. Grip a drink and see some bands in the most punk bar in all of Dallas. Evan Henry

2704 Elm St., Dallas, threelinksdeepellum.com
2. The Kessler

If you frequent The Kessler, you probably have an appreciation for some of the finer things in a music fan's life. Say, legendary bands in an intimate setting, a great sound system, your very own table to sit at and, you know, some air conditioning. Oak Cliff's premier music venue also has a kitchen, which most of the venues on this list can't boast. So sit back, relax and enjoy being in the lap of luxury. They even have free water, cool kids. JG

1230 W. Davis St., Dallas, thekessler.org
1. The Bomb Factory

In a past life, The Bomb Factory was once a munitions plant. But if you were walk into Deep Ellum's largest concert venue today, you might be tricked into thinking it had once been a meat locker. For real, they keep this place cold, which is pretty necessary when you have 4,000 people standing ass-to-you-know-what. It's often a sellout at The Bomb Factory, too, thanks to the fact that they bring in artists like Sturgill Simpson and Robert Plant. But before you take it all for granted, remember this: In another past life, The Bomb Factory didn't have any A/C at all. JG

2713 Canton St., Dallas, thebombfactory.com

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.