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The 10 Best Latin Clubs in Dallas

The Latino demographics are booming in North Texas, and nowhere is that clearer than in the thriving selection of Latin clubs to be found in and around Dallas. Here you'll find music bursting with drums and accordion that you'll just instinctively have to dance to. So it's high time we round up the best Latin clubs that the area has to offer (and there are more than we can fit onto a list of 10). These are the best places to put on your boots, order a little bit of liquid courage and bashfully make your way on to the dance floor to embarrass yourself a bit. Let's get moving, because come on, shake your body, feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger.

10. Sandaga 813

The last man standing in Expo Park is one of the better places to catch some Latin beats and world music in all of Dallas. The owners do their best to cater to all walks of life with their gloriously eclectic spot. Yeah, you hear more about the jazz, hip-hop, techno and soul here, but don't sleep on the Latin nights; you'd be missing out on a hell of a party.

813 Exposition Ave., Dallas,

9. Carnaval Night Club

This may or may not has previously been the location where Brett Michaels wrote Posion's hit “Every Rose Has It's Thorn.” That's up for debate, but what is not is the No. 1 Harry Hines-adjacent venue to indulge in cheap drinks, cumbia, tejano and country jams while showing off your best pair of boots and largest belt buckle. They're having some growing pains, but the spot is just in too perfect of a location to not prosper. Expect a lot form Carnaval in the future.

2711 Stoney Ln., Dallas,

8. Sisu

God, I can't believe I put an Uptown location on a list. Yes, Sisu is in Uptown and, yes, it attracts an Uptown clientele, but their Thursday night mainstay, Latin Thursday, is one of the best places to indulge in the best salsa, merengue, bachata, Top 40 and Latin hits from around the world. So yeah, you're in Uptown, but you're at least dancing your ass off.

2508 Maple Ave., Dallas,

7. Escapade 2001

I'm just gonna leave this video here.

10701 Finell St., Dallas,

6. Kaliente

If you're looking to groove and want to get a little out there, then I have the perfect spot for you. Dallas' hottest Latin spot is Kaliente. This place has everything: Shots, singles, music, awkward divorced suburban dads on their first night out with Betty from his office. It even has annual White Parties. These come complete with intricate dress codes strictly enforced by human bleach sticks.

4350 Maple Ave., Dallas,

5. Embargo

Since 2006 this Fort Worth location has offered free bachata and salsa dance lessons every Wednesday and Thursday night along with delicious Cuban fare and some of the best DJ nights in Funky Town. They also have a stage for live bands which they feature frequently, including Latin jazz, and their Mojitos are some of the strongest in the area. Two Mojitos and you're failing to grasp what the salsa teacher is trying to explain, but no one cares because they're all in the same boat.

218 E. 8th St., Fort Worth,

4. Havana Lounge

REAGATONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Bro, this Cedar Springs mainstay get's wild with the Latin house DJs taking over and getting people out there to shake each and every thing they have while the tequila flows like honey from a hive knocked over by a silly ol'oso. S4 gets all the hype for dancing, but Havana is where people with rhythm go.

4006 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas,

3. New West

New West might be the best Tejano club in all of Texas, and — wait, I'm burying the lede here. :et me put this in all caps: YOU GET A 16OZ LONE STAR AND A SHOT OF JAMESON FOR $6!!! Forget Latin, cumbia or Tejano anything; that deal makes this the best damn bar in Dallas. $6 Lone Star and a shot, and you get to dance. Why are you even reading this? Get your ass to Northwest Highway.

6532 E. Northwest Hwy., Dallas,

2. Medusa

The owners of Far West doubled down with a state-of-the-art night club that's drawn some of the biggest DJs and Latin acts to Dallas. It's still in its early stages, but it's become the place for people who want to show off for their date. Wads of cash are being dropped left and right in this place, but the music almost makes it all make sense. You have to get fancy sooner or later, and it might as well be the place that almost had Lil Wayne perform that one time.

1930 Pacific Ave., Dallas,

1. Gloria's

I know you think this is too high, but honestly has any local establishment done more to push Latin music, food and culture than Gloria's? They provide some of the best food in town, some of the best drink specials, and top it off with dance nights, live music, and DJs. Everyone has had a few too many at Gloria's and tried their hand at keeping time on the floor, and they're going to continue to do so for decades to come.

5100 Belt Line Rd., Addison,

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