The 15 Worst ...and Friends! Albums Of All-Time

It's hard not to remember Santana's 1999 album Supernatural.

Besides just the Rob Thomas collab "Smooth," which we've spent the past decade trying to erase from our memories, the album received a lot of attention at the time for being one of those records that featured a different collaboration with a big name artist on every track--attention which even won Santana awards and single-handedly revived his career.

For lack of a better term we've begun referring to these as ...and Friends! albums.

But it is not like Santana was the first artist to dream up the ...and Friends! album concept; artists had been employing the shallow technique to revive their dwindling careers for years by the time Santana got around to it. The thought process? That by aligning themselves with artists who are still significant, they too will be relevant by association.

So when we saw that The Roots were coming out with one of these albums--called How I Got Over, the disc is scheduled for a June 22 release--it struck us a bit confusing. As a general rule, artists don't resort to ...and Friends! territory until they've fallen well off the map of relevancy--and The Roots seem to have a pretty choice high profile late night gig.

Unfortunately, their odd career move not only inspired this list of the 15 worst ...and Friends! albums of all-time, but it also earned them a place on it. See the rest of the list after the jump.

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Cory Graves