THe BAcksliders Look To Lil Stevie, Teen Vogue For Fame And Glory

I like the E Street Band. And, sure, I can get into The Sopranos. So it's kinda natural, I guess, that I like Steven Van Zandt, whose weekly "Underground Garage" radio program can be heard Sunday nights on 92.5 KZPS-FM.

Teen Vogue, though? I'm not exactly that magazine's target demographic, I don't think. But, then again, I wouldn't imagine rock 'n' roll fans to be in that magazine's wheelhouse either...

Which is why news of this competition--a music competition run in tandem by Lil Stevie and Teen Vogue--is so mind-blowing...until, oh yeah, you realize that it's a competition for female-fronted acts from across the nation.

Girl power and what have you. Got. It.

So maybe it's not such a surprise--like at all--that the Kim Pendleton-fronted, DOMA-winning Best Hard Rock act, THe BAcksliders entered their name into the fray...

It's potentially a sweet deal: Apparently, the winning act gets "a chance" to be in Teen Vogue, earn some Gibson guitar gear, and get signed by Van Zandt's Wicked Cool Records label.

And there's some good news: THe BAcksliders have already made it into the competition's Top 10 shortlist, and are now entering the open-voting section of the competition. The top three vote-getters in this round will have an ol' fashioned duke-it-out battle of the bands in New York City to see who becomes the winner...

The bad news is that, in order to vote, you have to register here, which is a total pain. But apparently, by doing so, you can possibly win tickets to the sold-out NYC final showdown, where there'll also be some sort of fashion show happening at the same time. So there's that. --Pete Freedman

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