Best Of Dallas

The Best Dallas Bars to Feel Like a Cowboy

You know that stereotype of Dallas that people go with? No, not the one about the city being extremely segregated, and stuck in a class warfare. We mean the one all the sports broadcasts use. The one where they show b-roll of the area to kill time between action, and you see people in boots, cows and other western-themed things that reinforce the idea that we're all a bunch of backward cowpokes.

So rather than shy away from it, we're going to own that stereotype with a list of the best tourist-trap country bars in the DFW area. No you won't find any Cedar Springs institutions, or Deep Ellum hot spots. We'll even spot you a certain Fort Worth venue, just to spice this sucker up. These are the places to go to when you want to embrace your inner cowboy (and maybe drink too much in order to try to blend in).

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Jaime-Paul Falcon