The Boom Boom Box

It's difficult to consider this album from The Boom Boom Box as the five-piece's debut—although, well, it is just that. Still, this self-titled, self-released, Stuart Sikes-produced disc doesn't really sound like a band still trying to figure out what it's doing, and the members of the band—Ean Parsons (of Pinkston), Tony Hormillosa (of Pleasant Grove), Clay Stinnett (of Ghostcar), and Andrew Huffstetler and Mike Rudnicki (of Baboon)—aren't exactly green to the music thing. So, it's no surprise then that, over the course of this five-track EP, The Boom Boom Box quickly shows that it's on to something potentially great here.

A lot of credit goes the way of Andrew Huffstetler's familiar vocals, which, much like with his Baboon fronting, serve to intermingle with the music without overtaking it. As a result, fans of Baboon will certainly be quick converts to The Boom Boom Box's sound. But make no mistake: This isn't Baboon. It's a heavier, fuller, more psyched-out rock act; think Secret Machines, only, uh, with more of a pulse.

On opener "Henry the Skunk," Huffstetler sings "Fear: Losing the confidence/Fear: Losing the only chance/Fear: It's this light in you/Fear: Will it shine when you're not here?" It's tough not to read those as the words of a man unsure of where things are headed. But with this debut EP, you can be sure about this much: There's no need to worry about The Boom Boom Box.

Catch The Boom Boom Box live on Saturday, November 15, at the Double Wide.

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