The Boom Boom Box Posts First Song To Myspace

I dunno. Maybe I'm overreacting a bit.

But, surely, I can't be the only person who's excited about the fact that various members of two GREAT (but kinda-on-hiatus) area bands, Pleasant Grove and Baboon, have teamed up to form a new band called The Boom Boom Box. And I can't be the only one eager to hear what's in-store for the band's debut EP, which is due out at some point in October.

Well, we got a little bit of an answer earlier this week, as The Boom Boom Box's members finally got around to posting a track--called "Henry the Skunk"--for streaming onto their Myspace page.

So, what's it sound like? Well, to me, a lot like some earlier Baboon stuff. Only way more tripped out. Check it out, for sure. --Pete Freedman

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