The Bright Pop Up On MTV's Mini-Show Valemont. But, Wait, There's More?

So there's this MTV mini-show called Valemont, which I think is about vampires on college campuses or something? How unlike MTV to cash in on a trend like that...

Back on topic: According to a press release that just popped up in our inboxes, DFW's own The Bright, no strangers to being placed on MTV shows, had its song "Cut Me Loose" placed on this mini-show's 10th (and most recent) episode. It's the fifth time the band's been given the greenlight for MTV placement, which may be some sort of record even? At least for area bands, I'd think. Tough to say at which point it appears in the above embed of "show," which lasts all of two minutes and 21 seconds, but, according to the band's publicist, it's in there.

Whatever: We're burying the lead here. The real story? If you watch the clip, you'll also learn that the name of the place where the maybe-vampires live is a a dorm (?) called Panthera House, which kinda sounds like Pantera House, which may or may not be a reference to Pantera. Which would pwn if it were, yeah?


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